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Dick Injection 3


Little did I know that when Dr. Edge called me back for a follow up that it would include the use of a hypodermic I'm really fucken scared of that shit...even the sight of blood makes me feel queasy. So when Dr. Edge demands a blood sample I was not gonna let that happen. I asked him if maybe there was another way of getting around this procedure...he thought for a moment and said that maybe he could look past it this time if he gave me a dick injection. I hesitated for a moment and figured what the heck...sure doc...inject me with your meat. My ass was puckering at the thought of his thick long dick pounding my tight boy hole. He started with a good ol' fashioned ass licking that made my toes curl. He swung me around and I knew I had to sit on it to get my ass warmed up even though it was already juicy from that awesome ass sucking. I could almost feel his rock hard dick in my stomach. He then turned me over and pounded my asshole with long first it hurt but now it's starting to feel so good! So good that I don't want it to stop. I just wanted him to fucken pound my twink ass. He fucked me really good cause when he came I was drenched in his sweat and sperm and I loved it!

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