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Top Cops
'Here's something you don't get to see every day. Big butch Asian guys having uncensored sex in their native habitat--but that's what we have this week in TOP COPS with Duncan and Hen, filmed in Asia for the PeterFever fans. Handsome muscle dream guy Duncan is in the HQ gym, strips down naked in the locker room and pulls on shorts and tank. Hen definitely notices the studly cop and loses his concentration on the bench press. Duncan to the rescue-- "You look like you need some help, and down there too!" he gestures toward Hen's stiffening crotch. Just a minute after Duncan dresses for his workout but already he's stripping back off to get naughty in the gym. Hen sucks in his cheeks and slurps Duncan's piece like he was born to eat dick, giving his nipple a little tongue flick as well.


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